August 18, 2014


Now that my car is sold, the search for a next project has already started... Right now I'm about 85% sure that the next build will be based on an SC or 3.2 car. Here's a few 911's which inspire me a lot when it comes to stance, colors, and wheel choice..

August 07, 2014

Now officially for sale... 1972 Porsche 911 3.2 hot rod

 A few months ago I put this car up for sale with a silly advertisement on The Samba, during my tour in Afghanistan, just as a feeler. I had an interested buyer who kept me on a leash for two months but then eventually backed out because of another car which caught his interest. Anyways, here’s a new ad, with proper photos this time.

This car was picked up by Magnus Walker in February 2012, close to his home in the city of Sherman Oaks California, after I found it for sale on the Pelican Porsche forum. Two weeks after Magnus picked it up I flew to Los Angeles and drove the car around Southern California for about 15 days. After that Magnus and his team started work on the car. It was originally delivered in the state of Oregon, in the city of Portland. I do have little history on its previous life, and I do have the names of the five previous owners. Apparently it has always been stored inside because the body had very minimal rust. The tank support and front suspension pan have been professionally replaced and the rest of the floors are all original. It looks like the SC flares have been installed a long time ago. When checking the body with a magnet there’s only a little bondo to be found near the flares. All in all it’s a very nice flare job, also when looked at it from the underside of the wheel wells. The car still has its original dashboard (with a very tiny crack near the speaker grille) and headliner. Windows and window trim also appears to be original.

Magnus and his team rebuilt the complete suspension and brakes, and also worked on the cosmetics and interior of the car here and there. Many parts were refurbished or installed brand new. The Fuchs rims were powdercoated black and of course the right stance was set. The 915 transmission was completely rebuilt at team VDS and a Wavetrac limited slip differential was installed. Magnus mounted the classic roll bar and Simpson restraints, as well as the wooden 917 style shiftknob. I have a gigantic collection of photos of all the work that has been done. After Magnus had the car in his warehouse for about 5 months he performed a couple proper testruns in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles, and when everything was found to be okay, the car was shipped to me in The Netherlands in late July of 2012.

I had it checked by the Dutch DMV in September and was able to do a few extensive drives before the winter came around. In 2013 the car went to Speedservice in The Netherlands where the 2.7 CIS engine was swapped for a 3.2 version from a 1986 911, which had ran approximately 140.000 kilometers. The engine is free of any leaks and runs very strong. The heater was removed and the engine has steel race headers with a 2-out muffler. Around the same time I added the yellow colored bumpers to address the hot rod look a little more. The original yellow Bosch lenses were already installed at the time when I got the car imported.

After a minor accident where the car slid off the side of the road in September 2013, I damaged one of my fenders and the front and rear bumper. Together with the team at Speedservice I decided to add new bumpers from DP Motorsport, and a new fender that was needed. While at it, I chose for the option to give the car a complete “windows out” respray in its original Ivory White color (code 131). The yellow of the bumpers did not match very well with Ivory White, so we chose to paint the bumpers gold, to give it a fresh seventies vibe. The classic race touch was further enhanced with the addition of IROC style side decals, RS bumper stripes, and an Interscope windshield decal.
 At the same time we installed a new 3.2 gastank and the interior was further upgraded with a lightweight RS carpet set and doorpanels. I also installed a 350mm Momo Cavallino steering wheel.

I am a regular contributor to the English Total 911 magazine, and the Dutch RS magazine. The car has been regularly featured in both magazines and they will soon run a feature about a 2200 mile road trip I did to Southern France. An in depth feature of the evolution of the car should appear in the French Speedster magazine soon also, and with a little luck the car will also appear on the Speedhunters website and in the Japanese Motorhead magazine in the nearby future.

What you see here is pretty much the only car which Magnus ever picked up and modified, completely to the wishes of the buyer. A very nice chance to own a -Magnus Walker modified- hot rod 911.
I have build up an extensive history over the last 2 years and A LOT of work has been done to the car to make this a reliable, good looking hot rod 911.

I’m being very honest about this car and interested buyers are more than welcome to visit me for a test drive and pre purchase inspection if desired. The only thing I would still like to change on the car are the flexible oil lines which run to the front oil cooler, and the engine compartment could receive a little detailing. The wiring harness is still original for the most part. It could look better but it works like it should. This car is in perfect condition. Like I said, I recently drove it over 2000 miles to the south of France and back.
The suspension set up is still exactly the same as how Magnus set it up and according to my German friend who is an experienced Porsche race car driver the car performs very well.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. I’m more than happy to supply any needed information and I can send multiple photos through WeTransfer. All maintenance and and every single drive are recorded in a logbook which I kept with the car since I got it. I haven’t told about every single modification in the story above, but please have a look at the tech sheet to get a more proper view of what this car is all about.

Last but not least, why do I sell it..? I would like to evolve a car like this more and more, with a build motor etc. but I simply can not afford it anymore and will have to make a step back to an impact bumper car. Located in The Netherlands.


Asking: SOLD!!

dutchmanphotos @

Trades or partial trades welcome. NO sunroof cars. Think top condition 3.0 SC or 3.2… 1989 3.2… 3.0 Carrera… Proper 3.8 993RS replica… 993 2S… 996 GT3… 964 RS America… 964 Turbo 3.3... And maybe 964RS with crash history.

Suspension / brakes / wheels

- New wheel bearings front and rear - Adjustable yellow Koni sport shocks front and rear - Elephant 21mm and 29mm front and rear torsion bars - Tarett adjustable swaybars front and rear - Elephant Polybronze bushings in front A-arms and rear springplates - Turbo tierods - Original 7 x 15 and 8 x 15 inch Fuchs wheels - 80mm wheelstuds - 911S aluminium brake calipers up front - 911T brakes in the rear - Control arms are all newly powdercoated - Springplates are newly galvanized

Engine & transmission

- 1986 3.2 engine with approximately 150.000 km’s - Steel race headers, no heat exchangers / no heater - Steel muffler with custom built dual pipes - Rebuilt 915 transmission with Wavetrac limited slip differential (+/- 20000 km’s) - New Sachs clutch - Wevo engine mounts - Wevo transmission mounts - 3.2 Carrera gastank


- Classic Momo Cavallino steering wheel - RSR style aluminium adjustable throttle pedal - Porsche 917 replica wooden shiftknob - Lollipop driver’s seat - Touring passenger seat - Speedometer rebuilt and modified to km/h by North Hollywood Speedometer - Leightweight RS carpet and doorpanels - Rollbar in classic Porsche design - Classic design Simpson 4 point harnesses - Original 1972 radio delete plate


- New Ivory White paint (color code 132) - DP Motorsport bumpers front and rear - Louvred decklid by Magnus Walker - New window rubbers - Steel 911SC flares - Complete bottom was cleaned and coated with Wurth undercoating - Original yellow Bosch H1 headlight lenses - Front and rear rubber hood and decklid tie downs - IROC style side decals

Below you see some pics from the previous version of the car...

And some detail photos...